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  • Murloc Murloc 9173 plays Based on the very popular game World of Warcraft.
  • Murloc 2 Murloc 2 6266 plays Murloc meets World of Warcraft. Avenge the death of Chief Brakil and rescue his kidnapped daughter.
  • WoW Connect WoW Connect 4587 plays Matching puzzle game based on World of Warcraft spell and ability icons.
  • Galactic Cats y8 Galactic Cats y8 2913 plays

    An evil, if provoked, hamster threatens to destroy the galaxy! It's up to four "brave" cats to stop him before he unleashes his super weapon and destroys all cat kind. 1 player or 2 players together can play this game -Four different pilots so you can choose the cat you want to be -Go farther with tons of ship upgrades -Challenge your skills with fourteen bad guy types -Take your game to another level with seven in-game pickups -Discover the city on the moon as you get closer to the super weapon -Relate with the characters in a comic book style story -See how far you can get in freeplay mode

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